Boucheron: A Room with a View

The latest high jewelry collection, “Paris vu du 26.” A true homage to the imaginative founder of the maison, between history and innovation.

Boucheron: A Room with a View

«Two and a half years ago, when we started to think about a theme for the collection, the whole Maison Boucheron family was focused on the renovation of our private town house, l’Hôtel de Nocé, we wanted to bring the idea of “setting the final stone in place” to the collection. During this whole renovation period, we talked a lot about architecture. We naturally decided to return to our roots: Paris, Place Vendôme and 26 Place Vendôme, under the prism of architecture. All the pieces of this collection are real Boucheron’s jewels, but the most “obvious” to me is the Torque necklace. It is a twist on our archives: a bracelet that can be found in several collections and in various materials (i.e. Coral etc.) and we decided to make it a necklace for this High Jewelry collection. We then chose onyx and crystal with diamonds inside.
The most precious pieces and the most significant one is the 26V necklace, parts of the third and last chapter of our collection that pays tribute to our private mansion, the Hôtel de Nocé. This piece started from the dream of being able to imagine our own stone. Usually, when we create a piece of jewelry we use the stones that nature gives us but this time and for the first time we wanted to go fur- ther, by dreaming and imagining our own precious stone. We wanted to pay homage to Frédéric Boucheron with this piece: it had to be as visionary as Frédéric Boucheron was himself. The 26V necklace has been named after the 26V stone. The 26V stone is a threedimensional marquetry composed of onyx, rock crystal and cacholong. There are two sources of inspiration: first of all perspectives of a Parisian hôtel particulier and the central staircase at 26, place Vendôme. When you dive into the heart of the stone, it is hypotonic, it attracts your eyes. Looking closely, you have the feeling of finding the staircase made of white and black steps, which leads us to the heart of the stone, which took more than two and a half years to develop.
The Parisian spirit is in our DNA, it can be found in our archives as well. Remembering that Boucheron was the first of the great contemporary jewelers to open a boutique on Place Vendôme. Our design studio and high jewelry workshops still occupy the top floors of our private mansion here. Paris is part of Boucheron’s history, it’s instinctive».

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