Discover ‘The Poet’ storyline from MKS Jewellery’s Beloved Al Otaiba Collection

A nod to poetry as an artistic element of the UAE’s heritage, The Poet pieces feature beautifully detailed gold scroll capsules which house parchment scrolls of calligraphed poetry from Sheikh Zayed and Mana Al Otaiba.

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Named Nahham, the scroll vessels historically reference the entertainer that would accompany every boat full of pearl divers out to sea, lifting spirits by reciting poetry. MKS Jewellery brings these sentiments forward as it is part of the UAE’s heritage that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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“These symbols and storylines celebrate this land and its people. The UAE is me and I am the UAE, this is my story in all its beautiful symbolic ways. Curated is a stack of special creations, coming together piece by piece to share different parts of its treasures both in its gems and meaningful treasures.” – HRH Sheikha Mariam Saif Al Nahyan 


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