An aristocracy of the sensitive, and the considerate.
They are found in all nations and classes and represent the true human tradition.
They are sensitive for others as well as themselves. they are kind and confident,
with a secret understanding between them when they meet.
There is only one true aristocracy… and that is the aristocracy of passionate souls.

Micro quilted jersey/ iridescent velour/ corduroy/ new cosy nylon – shiny- matte
Subtle flecks on wool/ soft raw denim/ breathable waterproofing
The collection contains both lighter weight fabrics for fall and medium to heavier weights for winter

Graphic and cosy layering/ velvet trim on corduroy/sartorial inserts
Rigorous attention to fit and details/ purity of line and silhouette

White, black, camel, cerulean, granite

Reversible outerwear/ corduroy suits
New style tracksuits/ high neck denim jacket

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