Everything turns, rotates, evolves, repeats, and blooms.


The vocabulary, not the language, of Couture changes. It speaks of bodies of innate solemnity to celebrate a specific and absolute kind of beauty. A vocabulary in which the body itself becomes color, which trembles and dialogues with colors.


The repertoire of classic Haute Couture, made of ruffles, frills, fringes, volumes, flowers, are transformed by a present, hieratic and noble corporeity. Moved by a merging between fantasy and reality.

Emotional synesthesia, wonder of gazes and sensations. Weightless hues that expand and vibrate. Weightless fabrics that frees and flow.


Metamorphic Haute Couture: light and iridescent like a flower that blossoms. Petals, corollas, crowns, inflorescences bloom and spread everywhere, touching the body, settling on the eyes.


Everything turns, rotates, evolves, repeats, changes. And blossoms, on the skin.



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